Clipping Path

clipping path service

Clipping path is the name of the photoshop technique. It is also known as background removal of images. Not only that, the clipping path helps to edit images subtly. There are moments when we need to do the background removal of images to make them look more attractive and healthier. Sometimes we have to change the background color of the images or change the background completely. Clipping paths help us to do that. it is so important because,

  •  This helps to remove the whole background without the content of the image
  •  Need to spot out a specific part of your image?
  •  Need a colored background to place the object?
  •  For product photo editing, clipping path is the name that all e-commerce retailers know

Image Masking

image masking

Masking is another photo editing technique that is also used as an alternative to the clipping path technique in the image processing industry. So, masking is also a background removal process in photo editing. but it includes some other applications also. However, there are situations when we have to adjust a few of the images. For example, model photography needs to focus on every single part of an image like hair. Hair is a difficult part to fix or alter in the image that one should have the expertise to deal with in such operations. Fortunately, the masking technique is here to help experts to make images of how clients want to see them. There are different types of masking techniques available to take control of different editing parts. They are,

  •  Alpha masking
  •  Channel masking
  •  Layer masking
  •  Hair masking